Wedding Portraits

A relaxed approach to wedding portraits

Although my approach to wedding photography is very candid and documentary in style, I am perfectly happy to make a set of portraits of couples and family members. My wife and I had these done at our own wedding and there’s no doubt they have a role to play in creating a poignant memory of the people closest to you.

Groom and bride laugh on the beach after their wedding ceremony.

I approach photographing wedding portraits of couples in a way that is relaxed and natural. If you are nervous about having your portrait taken then don’t be: portrait sessions with me are a chance for you to chill with your partner and take a breath from what is a busy day.

I make portraits that are ‘non-posey’ by giving simple direction and letting moments flow so that my subjects can just be themselves. I wont be getting the tape measure out to position your hands exactly where they need to be.

Bride and groom embrace each other at Buckland House, Devon

For group shots my practice is much the same. Before your wedding we’ll work out what you need and spend about 20 minutes taking the pictures on the day.

I’m not the sort of photographer who’s going to be happy spending hours on endless combinations of family members. If this is what you need then perhaps I not the right photographer for you.

Family portrait at a Dorset wedding

So that’s about it! Wedding portraits can be as easy and painless as you want them to be.


Did you like my approach to wedding portrait photography?

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