Tips for great bridal preparation photos

The thought of having a wedding photographer photographing you during bridal preparation may not automatically appeal, but photos taken at this time could be some of the best and emotional of the day. So here are some tips for great bridal preparation photos.

Bridesmaid getting ready at a Dorset wedding

This part of the wedding day is often full of family intimacy, quiet emotion, deeply personal interactions, minor dramas (broken zips, rips!) and great big belly laughs too! Given this, it’s pretty much a dead cert great pictures will fall out of a photographer’s camera.

Barnstaple wedding photographer; bride and her bridesmaids share a laugh while getting ready

Some brides may feel a little awkward having the photographic spotlight on them so early in the day, particularly at what can be an emotionally vulnerable time. However, a sensitive photographer who shoots with gentle empathy will be able to not only make you feel great but give you a rare record of those around you – this is priceless.

mother of the bride having makeup done before wedding

SO how do you ensure you get the photos as good as they can be? Well, here are a few thoughts…

Tips for great bridal preparation wedding photos

  1. Choose the right wedding photographer! Sounds obvious, but it’s crucial to have a photographer that you get on with and are comfortable having around you. It’s a intimate time and you may feel emotionally vulnerable – and these are great things to photograph – so you’ll want to be sure you ‘click’ with the professionals working around you. (click here if you’d like to know a little bit more about me)
Bride having make up done before the wedding; Down Hall Hotel  Herfordshire Wedding photographer
  1. Think about the light. Photography is all about light and a photographer will use what’s available to create mood and beautiful pictures. As a general rule, try to avoid getting ready in dark, dim areas or where there is lots of artificial light. Think about where the most natural light is. Positioning yourself near to a big window will ensure that lots of natural light falls onto you. This doesn’t just help your photographer: your make up artist will thank you too.
Bride having make up done before the wedding sat in front of window; Down Hall Hotel  Herfordshire Wedding photographer
Bride having make up done during bridal preparation at Wroxeter hotel shropshire
  1. Give yourself space. You’re going to have a lot of people hanging about during preparation – hairdresser, make-up artist, photographer, wedding planner, family, friends. Ensure that there’s space for them and that the key professionals like the photographer have room to work and do their best for you.
Family together during bridal preparation before dorset wedding
Sisters of the bride smile during bridal preparation; Dorset wedding photographer
  1. Keeping the scene tidy (or not!). The bridal suite can often get a bit ‘messy’ as bags, boxes, food, drink and clothes all get tossed about throughout the morning. As a natural, candid photographer this doesn’t bother me and I think it adds to the story, but if you prefer a tidy, clean scene in your photos then you’ll need to think about a little ‘house keeping’.
  2. It’s personal. If you are getting ready at home, don’t be tempted to tidy away the details of your life like pictures, your hobbies etc. These are great to photograph and really add to the story.
Bride and her daughter share a playful moment during bridal preparation; The Wroxeter Hotel, Wroxeter, Shrewsbury, Shropshire, SY5 6PH
  1. Lastly, and perhaps not exactly photography related: keep yourself hydrated and fed and where you can, delegate: Let others take the strain and sort stuff out!

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