Wedding Recessional – Dorset wedding

Bride and Groom leave the church after their wedding ceremony St Nicholas’ Church Moreton, Dorchester DT2 8RH

The wedding recessional – Church of St Nicholas – Dorset!

A favourite photo

May I introduce to you the quite lovely Rosie and Niall – what a great photo?! All the formalities done: just walk down the aisle for the wedding recessional, savour the happiness, soak up the joy; and walk into the light with life straight ahead of you!

I picked this one out as a fav because Rosie and Niall’s expressions are simply priceless, but I also really love the soft natural light falling onto them. 

This type of wedding recessional picture is a classic wedding shot. May be not original, but timeless and full of deep meaning that will no doubt be a emotional memory and family heirloom for years to come. 

Reasons enough for it to be a favourite!


P.S. Click to read all about Rosie and Niall’s Dorset wedding and here’s a photofilm to enjoy too…

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