Somerset elopement weddings

Don’t panic! A Somerset elopement wedding could be a better wedding.

Sadly, COVID 19 has caused a lot of couples to rethink their wedding plans.

Tough choices

Right now the BIG wedding is a big no-no, with guest numbers and party time limited. It leaves couples with some stark choices: reduce their ambitions or postpone in the hope of better times ahead.

Couple portrait photographer

An opportunity to be different

Being forced into this situation is of course very disappointing, but all is not lost. In fact, this could be an opportunity! Small, intimate elopement-style weddings offer a great solution and one that’s becoming increasingly popular – the ‘new normal’ – as determined couples press on with their marriage plans.

family formal portrait before an elopement wedding

What’s really important?

There are lots of advantages to Somerset elopement weddings. The simple, stripped down approach to your big day will allow you to really focus on having a wonderful time with those super special to you.

Less could be more: elopements open up new options to do something different with the day without the expectation and generic formatting that often come with bigger weddings and traditional venues. Elopements offer you the chance to let your imagination run.

Not only that, a smaller wedding will be cheaper! Fewer people to feed and smaller venues will be easier on your budget and open up the opportunity to splash out on other things.

And, of course, when all the COVID business IS finished, there’s nothing stopping you throwing a kick-ass party!

Somerset elopement wedding photography?

And what about the photography? Is it really worth getting your elopement wedding photographed? It will not come as a surprise to read that I think it is! In fact, it’s arguably more important than ever.

Big wedding or small wedding, it’s one of the best days of your life so having a visual record has to be up there on the must haves. Plus, a great set of photographs will go some way to letting those who can’t be with you on the day experience your happiness and adventure.

Bride and groom in elopement ceremony

So whether you simply opt to spend the day chilling in a hotel, exploring a forest, walking the shoreline or scrambling up a hill shrouded in mist, it’s worth having it professionally photographed in the style that you prefer.

Please do drop me a line if you’d like to discuss you elopement plans.

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