Natural Dorset Wedding Photographer

Bride and Groom leave the church after their wedding ceremony St Nicholas’ Church Moreton, Dorchester DT2 8RH

Rosie and Niall party in style at Southover House, Dorset.

When a loved up couple looks for a Dorset wedding photographer there’s no shortage of choice out there. Of course, ‘choice’ is a good thing although it can be overwhelming: there’s defo such a thing as too much choice!

Wedding photography style

It’s important these days for couples to have a clear idea about what they want for their wedding photography. By this I don’t mean a list of shots, but more the vibe, the aesthetic (a highly subjective term!), the vision. In my view, other than knowing which way to point the camera, these things are more important than technical prowess or decades of experience a Dorset wedding photographer might have.

You, the client, should have an idea as to whether the photographer’s style and vision fit with you. Knowing this stuff will allow you to quickly push aside much of the choice of photographers and zero in on your fav.

Avoiding wedding photo clichés

So it was with some relief that Rosie and Niall knew exactly what they wanted for their wedding photography. ‘Natural’, ‘candid’, ‘documentary’ – all words they used but also, and perhaps a little harder to define, a dude or dudette who didn’t consistently lean of the same old wedding photography cliches and tropes.

A flipping good time

Rosie and Niall wanted a photographer to be a guest and take the same sort of photos that their friends would with a inherent sense of intimacy and spontaneity that can come from a more ‘snapshot’ approach. In other words, no twaddle, just pictures of them and their guest having a flipping good time.

Family are getting ready the morning of the wedding; natural Dorset wedding photography

Puddletown – Dorset Wedding Photographer

I turned up at Rosie’s to catch the bridal prep in the small Dorset town of Puddletown. Rosie was clear from the start: she didn’t want the focus on her. Instead Rosie wanted a focus on her family being together just doing their stuff. With that in mind, I settled into the rhythm of the morning and went with the flow as her family got themselves ready.

On the morning of the wedding, the bride's two sisters share an emotional moment as the bride continues to get ready; Natural Dorset wedding photographer

Church of St Nicholas’ near Moreton

With ‘bridal preparations’ in the can off I went to the beautiful church of St Nicholas’ near Moreton which is world famous for the engraved glass windows by Laurence Whistler and for the grave of Lawrence of Arabia in the cemetery.

The morning of the wedding: the beautiful church of St Nicholas' near Moreton, Dorset; natural dorset wedding photographer
Groom stands at the alter waiting nervously for the bride in the beautiful church of St Nicholas' near Moreton, Dorset; Dorset wedding photos

‘Stay at the back!’

The ceremony went off a treat even though the Vicar caught me by surprise by only allowing photographs from the very rear of the church during the ceremony (yep! that does still happen so check with your wedding official as to their ‘limitations’). Still, I love a challenge and managed to capture some emotional moments.

A black and white photo showing the bride entering the beautiful church of St Nicholas' near Moreton, Dorset. In the background is the groom, waiting nervously.
Happy bride and groom walk through the confetti shower  after marrying at the beautiful church of St Nicholas' near Moreton, Dorset; natural dorset wedding photographer

Southover House – Dorset

The reception and partying was held at the nearby Southover House, a lovely looking country pile with lots of charm and outdoor space for marquees and lawn games. With the weather closing in, there was just enough time for cocktails on the lawn before the guests took cover in the marquee and house.

Wedding guests enjoy cocktail hour on the lawn of Southover House, Dorset. Natural dorset wedding photographer.
Wedding guests enjoy cocktail hour on the lawn of Southover House, Dorset. Natural dorset wedding photographer.


Rosie’s and Niall’s day went on with gigantic meat platters, lots of laughs, ceremonial swords, drinking and partying and dance floor half nakedness. The fantastic Stealing Whiskey band blasted the dance floor with their take on folk and Americana too.

Wow! What a day! Keep scrolling to see more or contact me if you’d like to discuss your wedding plans.


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