Minehead beach family portrait photos

Trip to Minehead beach and harbour.

It wasn’t so long ago that we could pretty much go anywhere! And then COVID lockdown came along; rightly so of course, but as I write this, after two weeks of not being able to do all that much, I do miss those simple days of throwing the boys in the car (not quite literally!) and heading off.

Like many families, a favourite destination of ours is the beach and my boys simply love Minehead beach with its trains, sand, ice cream and chips!

We like to go to the Western end of the seafront, near to the historic harbour. On this visit the winter sun created some lovely low light, but it was a bit chilly with a cold wind cutting across the beach.

Whatever the weather, my boys can’t get enough of rolling in the sand, splashing about in tidal pools, lying in seaweed, climbing boulders (looking for an Emperor penguin colony apparently) and then strolling around the fishing boats (please be careful of the soft sand under foot!!!!). Rowan couldn’t quite get his head around the idea that a buoy was not a boy.

I always love to photograph these trips out and I approach the photography in much the same way as my family ‘playtime’ portrait commissions.

I encourage clients – and my boys – to just be themselves. There’s little point trying to tell my boys to pose: they’re very much wise to the camera so quick, stealthy shooting is a must. “Oh look boys! It’s a Emperor penguin waddling on to the beach!” Snap!

I’d love to photograph your family having fun on Minehead beach – or pretty much anywhere else for that matter! – so why not drop me a message to discuss?

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