Family portraits on the beach

Shooting Kodak film at Minehead beach.

Pretty much all of my work is shot on digital but of late I have increasingly been shooting a little film – mostly of my own family. Back in the Summer of 2019 I purchased a Canon 35mm SLR – the early 1970s FTb model along with a 50mm manual lens.

Soon after we went off to the beach on a warm sunny Saturday so I took the old FTb along!

It’s been a while since I last loaded film into a camera but after a lot of comical prating about in the car park of Minehead railway station I successfully wound the film (Kodak Gold) into the camera and was ready to go.

The thing with the FTb and the 50mm lens is that everything is manual. When you are used to a camera doing a lot of the work, using a fully manual camera is quite a test and it really slows you down.

I’m comfortable handling manual exposure, but manual focus is quite challenge particularly when shooting children – it takes quite a bit of patience to wait for the right moment.

Considering these shots of my wife and youngest boy Ned were the first I had shot on film using a manual camera for a long time, I’m quite pleased with them.

The Kodak Gold film, as the name suggests looks lovely a warm and is full of character far removed from the sometimes ‘too perfect’ digital images we see today.

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