Family Photography – Life under COVID

So it’s been way over 12 weeks since the COVID lockdown came into force in the UK and I have mixed feelings about it.

Business wise it’s been a disaster. But more importantly, the loss of life in the UK and elsewhere is quite unimaginable and almost surreal. 40k and rising – WTF?!

On a personal level, we’ve been lucky. So far no-one from our extended family has fallen into ill health and long may that continue. As I hope it does for you.

Sometimes, listening to the daily broadcasts of infection and death numbers, it felt as if they must be reporting from another planet (well I do live on the Somerset / Devon border after all!). But, of course, it’s very real and we must all continue to do our bit.

I mentioned at the start of this brain dump having ‘mixed feelings’. I say this because I have actually enjoyed the experience of being at home more and not having to go out much.

The biggest thing for me has been more time with my children. Over 12 weeks later I feel more connected to them, and they to me (poor buggers!). Through the weeks my eldest boy Rowan has cracked pedalling his bike; and my youngest, Ned-the-Destroyer, can actually form sentences although he still destroys stuff! And I’ve been around more to experience all this.

This extra time is perhaps a ‘gift’ to allow some re-evaluation on life in general and to take a breath from the ‘race’ we are all in most of the time. Things will soon change I’m sure, but my wife and I have opted to soak it up while it lasts – a ‘gift’ is the only way to look at it I think.

Most days we’ve gone for our daily exercise together and boy has the weather been kind to us – imagine 12 weeks of pissing rain and two toddlers?! Ugh!

Throughout this time I’ve been pratting about with photography. I’ve taken (too many) shots of the family, bought vintage lenses, shot film and generally built up a massive backlog of pictures. Well for your entertainment (and no subscription necessary) here’s some of my favourites snaps from COVID lockdown.


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