Cyclocross racing – Escot Park, Devon

There are few things that I enjoy more than watching people suffer!

Hmmm, that sounds weird.

Let explain… I love cycling, it’s been a passion of mine for many years starting way back in the hazy mists of childhood. Sure, there’s been times when I’ve hung up my wheels but I always come back.

The sun on my face, the road ahead and just turning the pedals is too good a mix to ignore for long.

Being able to photograph the odd cycle race is a real pleasure too. Particularly cyclocross racing as it’s accessible, and you can get nice and close to experience a sport at its purest: people with a real passion turning it up to 11 in a sweaty, breathless sufferfest.

What could be better?!

Here are some shots I took at Escot Park, a regular venue for the Southwest Cyclocross season. Hope you enjoy them.


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