Croyde Bay wedding

Superhero themed wedding for Abi and Luke

Traditional white wedding with men suited and women in big hats?! That’s fine for some, but not Abi and Luke. They decided to do things differently by holding a DC comics themed Croyde Bay wedding!

Unison Hotel

The Croyde Bay wedding venue was the Unison hotel. A place close to Abi’s heart, it being a long time family holiday destination. The couple and family members had done a great job decorating the reception and ceremony rooms in a DC theme.

Clark Kent. The Joker. Lois Lane. Batman and Robin. Two-faced. Poison Ivy. Wonder Woman. And more! Were all in attendance to celebrate the marriage of a lovely and lively couple.

Remembering those who had passed

With the ceremony over, the party walked to a bench positioned on a bluff overlooking both Croyde beach and the Unison. Here the family had dedicated a bench to Abi’s grandad and, despite the gusty winds, it was a picturesque and poignant spot for some relaxed and fun family wedding portraits.

Super hero dancing

The wedding party then moved to the reception venue for drinks and food. The celebrations continued long into the night with lots of dancing to a playlist chosen by the happy couple.

R. Orbit Photography.

Did you enjoy Abi and Luke’s Croyde wedding?

I hope you loved the wedding photos as much as I do. It was a real blast to photograph this themed wedding.

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