A favourite photo: the tipsy bridesmaid

This is a favourite of mine from Emma and James‘ wedding – it’s all about a documentary wedding photographer making his/her own luck and wearing out shoe leather! The way I photograph a wedding is all about observing the light, the people and the moments. I don’t work to shotlists (with the exception of anyContinue reading “A favourite photo: the tipsy bridesmaid”

Wedding Recessional – Dorset wedding

The wedding recessional – Church of St Nicholas – Dorset! A favourite photo May I introduce to you the quite lovely Rosie and Niall – what a great photo?! All the formalities done: just walk down the aisle for the wedding recessional, savour the happiness, soak up the joy; and walk into the light withContinue reading “Wedding Recessional – Dorset wedding”

Tips for great bridal preparation photos

The thought of having a wedding photographer photographing you during bridal preparation may not automatically appeal, but photos taken at this time could be some of the best and emotional of the day. So here are some tips for great bridal preparation photos. This part of the wedding day is often full of family intimacy,Continue reading “Tips for great bridal preparation photos”

A favourite photo: We are so flipping happy!

This I love this picture of Helen and Tess in their wedding recessional at Down Hall, Hertfordshire. They are so flipping happy and that’s what weddings are all about in my book. After the the slow buildup of nerves during the morning bridal preparations, here, in these few seconds, their happiness is laid bare. IContinue reading “A favourite photo: We are so flipping happy!”

A Nervous Bride

A nervous bride minutes before the wedding ceremony – Wroxeter Hotel A favourite picture I love this picture of Louise and her close family just before her wedding ceremony at The Wroxeter Hotel. Here we see the nervous bride, Louise, descending the staircase minutes before she walks down the aisle. The wedding picture reminds meContinue reading “A Nervous Bride”