A Nervous Bride

A nervous bride minutes before the wedding ceremony – Wroxeter Hotel

A favourite picture

I love this picture of Louise and her close family just before her wedding ceremony at The Wroxeter Hotel. Here we see the nervous bride, Louise, descending the staircase minutes before she walks down the aisle.

The wedding picture reminds me of a different era – may be the 1950s with a hint of ‘movie star’ on the French Rivieria? For me the picture is full of atmosphere and meaning – it’s all about those nervous last few minutes before a wedding ceremony.

I didn’t want the picture to be a straight photograph of the scene. I deliberately set up the camera so I knew I’d get a little movement and blur in the picture. The black and white treatment also simplifies the meaning and focus on what’s happening.

We don’t remember life’s events perfectly so why should a photograph be a perfect representation of life?!

Take care, R.

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