A favourite photo: the tipsy bridesmaid

This is a favourite of mine from Emma and James‘ wedding – it’s all about a documentary wedding photographer making his/her own luck and wearing out shoe leather!

The way I photograph a wedding is all about observing the light, the people and the moments. I don’t work to shotlists (with the exception of any portraits that are needed). I work in the moment, photographing the story of your day as it happens. This is often termed ‘documentary wedding photography.’

For me documentary wedding photography involves a lot of walking during the wedding day. I find this the most effective way of discovering and nailing great images that document and tell the story; it’s all about making my own luck as on my travels I’ll often come across little moments like this.

This group were having a good old chinwag with lots of laughter so they caught my attention enough to pause and watch. I don’t think the bridesmaid was particularly drunk but something told me to hang on and sure enough a wonky hay-bale was her undoing!

She was in hysterics but you’ll notice she did an admirable and very professional job of keeping the presecco level – top marks! The mother of the groom (on the right) also catches my attention: she is having a right old chuckle!

A classic little wedding moment neatly captured in a documentary style for smiles long into the future! It’s what wedding photography is all about in my book.

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